Hi, my name is Robert Stefansson and I´m a web guru

I was born in the land of fire and Ice (Iceland). People might say that I am quiet and calm person which is true. I though like energetic sports e.g. skydiving, snowboarding and rock climbing. When I traveled to Canada, back in 2012, my first thing to do was go snowboarding in Whistler for 10 days. No words can describe that place. Music is a huge influence in my live and I have attended Roskilde music festival in Denmark three times. I listen mostly to powerfull rock. Other hobbies are anatomy drawings, exploring the world and stepping out of my own confert zone, sometimes.

I have an interest in digital arts and creation. I see myself developing my career further as user interface designer or web architect. I believe that good user interface should be simple and almost self explanable. I am open minded, curious and work well in group projects. I specially enjoy brainstorming about ideas and thinking in solutions.

I have used Photoshop for photo editing and experimenting for years. Also have I used Illustrator for logo and poster design. InDesign was used when I set up The Phrase Book for print. There are number of code editing software I have experiment with e.g. Dreamweaver, Brackets, Coda, Sublime 2 and Text Mate. Many of these software are great and personal preference which one I chooses at each time. There are also other software I have used less e.g. Adobe Edge Animate, Premier, Macaw and Google Web Designer. There are also number of languages I have used including HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, PHP, Action Acript and lately I have been experimenting with Swift, a language base on Xcode.

My email address is robstefson@me.com and my phone number is +354 777 3300


2013 - 2014 at Futures Shop and Best Buy, Canada

Here I worked in tecnical team setting up TV´s and connecting sounds systems for companies and customeres.

2007 - 2012 at Nova

Nova is a 3G and 4G mobile company. There I worked as technical assistance to customers and employees with mobile issues. Also some part of the job was training and communications with other enginers.

2005 - Infotec

In Mai 2005 I founded Infotec and published my first book later that same year. The book is called The Phrase Book and is a phrase book in 13 languages with over 500 phrases in each language. My role in the company was basically everything: design, sales, marketing and general process of how to start a company and turn idea into product. The book has been sold in over 6.000 copies in Iceland.


2012 - 2013

The Art Institute of Vancouver, Diploma in Web Design and Interactive Media. Here I did study e.g. Art history, Typography, Photoshop, Illustrator, PHP, Javascript, HTML5, CSS3, Actionscript and more.

2008 - 2009

University of Reykjavik. Diploma in International Business. Study about business concept and trading. Foreign currency exchange trading and export. International business account and technique.

2001 - 2004

Borgarholtsskoli, Reykjavik, Multimedia design. Study about the basic in design and multimedia. Life drawing, color and formation.Also some basic study in web site building and designing.

The Phrase Book

The Phrase Book

The Phrase Book has come a long way since it was first published in Iceland in 2005. It´s time for the book to be translated into app and that is what this project is all about. This app was built with Jquery Mobile, Phonegap and Scode.

The main selling point of this project is that with The Phrase Book you have 13 languages in one app. And the reason why that is a good thing is because many languages are simmilar so you can learn more that one language at once, when you are traveling. You can learn languages that are not similar f.x. Icelandic v.s Spanish and German, you still see the structure and just by looking at the phrses in more than one language at each time it still goes in memory in your brain.

Heavy Metal

Heavy Metal

This animation project was created in Flash with very little code. Most of the animation are created by using keyframes on timeline to move content around. The concept of this project was to make a heavy metal history applicatino where users can pick a genre and see list of artist which apply to that category. In this demo only the Icelandic version is activaded. If you click that category you can pick artist with basic information and can listen to demo on how their music sounds like.



Paperboy is a well know old-schol game. This project was build in Flash using Action Script 3(AS3), which is so called object oriented programing (OOP). With AS3 it is possible to get information about user input such as mouse movement, button clicking and more. Like in many other project it is the most pain to track what the user is doing and store that information somewhere. In this version of Paperboy I track the mouse movement and test constantly if the space bar is pressed to shoot paper. When the paper travels across the screen I used so called collision test to track if you hit the postbox or not. If you hit the postbox you add a score to your record. You understand what I´m talking about when you try the game. It is not very difficult game, but it demonstrate some basic what can be done in Action Script 3.
Remember you must hold down the left house key and more the mouse to move the guy on the bike and use space to shoot paper.



Cartfight is a Flash game made in Action Script 2. The mission was to create a game simmilar to the famous space invaders. But here I choose to change the graphics and using cartoon figures insted of space ships. This game is connected to online database which shown the top 10 list in end of the game, so make sure you type your name before you start to play.

Hand drawings of hands

Snowboard Design

Design for typeface catalog

Kiosk design for The Vancouver Art Gallery

Salsa Writer


The idea of Salsa Writer was to create a online adventure text based experience. It's often know as never ending story where stories keeps on groving with every new branch is added. First the user picks a story to read and they add to the store the next capter and then choose how many branches they like to add for next reader. The whole content is stored in database so it's updates instantly to the next reader.

The project is still in developing and few know errors needs update. The project has been tested on iPad and with future updates Salsa should hit the Apple store later this year, only for iPad. And later for Android tablet. In the meantime you can launch the project in a web format (which is Flash based).





This is a simple drag and drop puzzle game with few itmes to match to the right spot.

Augmented Reality

Augment Reality

Augmented reality is a method where you scan a image or pattern with your phone or with compera on your computer. As a results you will see 3D image of any kind. This method is sometimes used in commercials to display hidden message or just for fun. In this example you can scan this code with the camera on your computer and you will see 3D graphic. This is just to show that this method can be used in fun and interesting way to deliver message on the internet.

Remember you must launch the project and then hold the pattern to the camera. Download this image, launch the project and hold the image to the camera on your computer. You will see some cool 3D animation. PS. In this project I did not draw the animation, just making sure the augmented reality is working.

QR Code

Longboard Festival


The Phrase Book.com

The Phrase Book is a small pocket book with fun and entertaining phrases in 13 languages. The website is a simple site where you can view the content of the book and has intergrade the twitter profile.

Just Phrase It

Mineshaft Mishap

Mineshaft Mishap is a text only adventure puzzle game. Users have to find theyr way throu empty themepark and get to the town with is on the other side of the mountain. The original idea was to create a maze of puzzle where uers pick up items and use it later in the game to unlock other items f.x. pick up tourch to see in the dark or pick up a rench to fix broken machine. Sadly this puzzle is not finished but you can walk trout the park and try to find your way to the town (small hint, first you must find the tunnel hidden in the park which goes to the other side of the mountain).